Olympique Gaulois Singapore

Name: Olympique Gaulois Singapore
Founded: 1991

FOUNDED IN 1991,Olympique Gaulois Singapore is now the largest and most historical French football club in Singapore.

THE OBJECTIVE of “les Gaulois” is to play competitive football and to be a social organization.

OLYMPIQUE GAULOIS SINGAPORE HAS WELCOMED various generations of players: students, trainees, expatriates, singles and fathers. Mainly composed of French players, we also welcome players from other nationalities, all bring talent, good spirit and passion for football. More than 100 players pass by the club every year 

WE ARE A NON-PROFITABLE ORGANIZATION that participate in two competitive amateur leagues.

Our two teams play weekly in:

- the Cosmoleague, the longest established and most competitive league in Singapore

- the Equatorial league, the social league proudly emphasizing its values into youth development and cohesive society in Singapore.

Ô Batignolles: http://obatignolles.com
Ozify: http://ozify.com
InTouchPhysio: http://intouchphysio.com



Goal Keepers

| Christophe Aprile
| Arthur De Panafieu
| Ilan Obadia
| Jacob Tait
| Baptiste Venot
| Keion Ing
| Jeremie Richard
| Shahrizad Sallih


| Joaquim Bellmunt
| Prasoon Babu
| Labib Oussama
| Lionel Bastos
| Xavier Etienne
| Erwann Michel
| Sebastien Grand
| Francois Casimont
| Jerome Girot
| Alexandre Mirabella
| Remi Blechschmidt
| Maxime Trinquet
| Frank Germany
| Alexandre Colmant
| Edouard Huget


| Francois Bazin
| Nordine Talhi
| Philippe Guerrand
| Maxime Segura
| Maxime Kleszcz
| Maxime Galinier
| Philippe Briat
| Ntoudi Mouyelo-Katoula
| Samuel Heraud
| Mab Dousen
| Thomas Vacher
| Julien Prince
| Antoine LemariƩ
| Guillaume Coelho
| Iliass Tamime
| Mickael Chassot
| Bengi Monzini
| Jeremy Dreux
| Antoine Ricard
| Guillaume Jeannerot
| Ifan Michaud
| Martin Daney
| Michel Lacirasella
| Francesco Maria Di Pinto
| Louis Gillet
| Jules Jules
| Germain Djomabou
| Alex Veille
| Hamza El khadir
| Bertrand Mametz
| Lucas Garcia alonso
| Jean Birling


| Remi Tache
| Robert Eziakor
| David Claude
| Yohann Guilloux
| Arthur Allonsuis
| Mathieu Delbeck
| Hugo Tauler
| Hugo Taubmann
| Frederic Ribac


| Pierre Robert
| Pierre Rico
| Raphael Siri
| Mathieu Debrand
| Baptiste Bonnet
| Paul Baillet
| Quentin Boehm
| Matthieu Cencig