Gaelic Lions FC

Name: Gaelic Lions FC
Founded: 2008

The club was the brainchild of Alan Power (R.I.P.) who was the initial driving force before sadly passing away while playing what he loved doing.

The team started as an offshoot of the Singapore Gaelic Lions GAA Club. Many members still play for our sister club and come from Ireland but the soccer club has grown considerably by itself and boasts a vibrant mix of Irish players as well as many others nationalities.

We are always looking for good quality players who arrive in Singapore and want to balance a good social scene with competitive games. Contact:


Ciaran McGoldrick (Email: or Mobile: +65 9183 6305)


Brett Bowman (Email: or Mobile: +65 9626 1273)

There are now three teams playing every weekend: the Gaelic Lions (Saturday, Cosmo League); the Gaelic Rebels (EFL Sunday founded 2012); and the Gaelic Feckers (EFL Qualifying, founded 2014).

All three are social teams whose record speaks for the competitive nature of the club, each with their own character. If you are serious about playing proper ball, there's a team for you for sure.

ESPZEN Season 2 Sat Div 1 - 3rd  
ESPZEN Season 3 Sat Div 1 - 2nd
ESPZEN FA Cup Semi-Finalists 2009
EFL Premiership 2010/11 - 2nd
EFL Premiership 2011/12 - 1st
EFL Premiership 2012/13 - 3rd
EFL Premiership 2013/14 - 1st
EFL Premiership 2014/15 - 1st
Cosmo Cup Plate Winners 2014/15

Don't be put off by the gaffer's Hollywood good looks. It's intimidating for everybody and it's something we just have to deal with. Just come down anyway. 


Goal Keepers

| Anders Jensen
| Derek Cahill
| Mike Barry


| Rob Church
| Christopher Banks
| Keith O'Leary
| Liam McGinley
| Shane Buttimer
| John O'Driscoll
| Stephen Moran
| Wilfried Lapierre
| Billy Dulieu
| Enda Clarke
| Ryan McAneaney


| Steve McMahon
| Simon Lloyd
| Ryan McEneaney
| Mark Hanley
| Neil Corrigan
| Hans Van den Hoogen
| Dane Smith
| Ciaran McGoldrick
| Seb Santoro
| Rich Sexton
| James Devane
| Steven Rathborne
| Conor King
| Mike Touchy Feeley
| Mick McCannon
| Darren Murray
| Matt Heslop
| Tom Walet
| Paddy Corbett
| John Jefferson
| Kevin McCabe
| Stephen Swords
| Sean O'Reilly


| Petesy O'Brien
| Brian O'Reilly
| Conor McHugh
| Brett Bowman
| Alan Donoghue
| Oscar Wallin


| John Mescall
| Yan Vermuelen
| Louis Platt
| Greg Orton
| William Murray
| Brian Flynn
| James Croke
| Richard McDonnell
| James Flynn
| Sergio Lopes
| David Betney
| Paul Gilly Gilligan Gilly
| Simon Beirne
| Sean Begley
| Ken McGeough
| Paddy Flynn
| David Fitzpatrick
| Conor Burns
| Liam Parker
| Mick Barry