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Footballers Give Back

The simple background for FGB is that we all realized how much joy playing, organizing and watching football is bringing to us and the community. In Singapore and in our home country (Denmark) we are spoiled for good education and sporting facilities. For everyone involved with FGB the idea of giving back through our established football friends and network was an easy decisions. The hope is to help develop schools and sports facilities around the region.
Going forward FGB will choose 1 project each year to support the development of school and/or sports facilities with focus on Asia as a region. In year 1 we have decided to support the Nepal Cup 2016.

Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation

Blue Dragon started in 2003, with two friends giving English lessons to street kids. These early beginnings laid the foundation for an approach that is unique in Vietnam. Read Blue Dragon’s story…
We believe that all children have the right to be children. We work together with children to provide the opportunities they deserve and the safe space to be who they are. Any child we reach out to is treated with respect. View Blue Dragon’s values…
Our team has over 260 years of experience and commitment to working to children in crisis in Vietnam. Many of the staff who started with us in 2003 and 2004 are still working for us today, alongside staff who were once kids we supported.