Match Review: German-Swiss All Stars vs Olympique Gaulois Singapore

01-Oct-2022 15:00

League // Turf City 2
German-Swiss All Stars
1 - 2
Olympique Gaulois Singapore
Referee - Tony Moore // Assistans - Ong & Joe
German-Swiss All Stars



Strong OG struggled against GSAS but still managed to bring 3 points home

GSAS started the match with the intention to prove that the victory against Nippon from 2 weeks ago was not a one off. However, OG took control of the game right from the beginning with some strong attacking football and fine passing as GSAS seemed to have forgotten how to fight and keep calm with the ball. While OG had overwhelming ball possession, clear chances were rare as GSAS defender Hamza rescued more than once for his team-mates. This lasted for some time in the 1st half til a sloppy defending from GSAS allowed OG to steal the ball from inside the box and allow OG to easily score from 5 meters. With a few exceptions of 2-3 attacking attempts by GSAS, OG goalkeeper had a quiet 45min and GSAS never really got out of the starting block. The break seemed to have changed GSAS awareness and spirit as the game was much more open and equal in terms of possession and goal-scoring chances. GSAS now was much more ambitious and pushed OG further into defending though the clear-cut chances were only a few. In this period, OG used one of their very few goalscoring chances with a neat and calmly converted shot into the far bottom corner from inside the box , which left the GSAS players scratching their head. Still GSAS had 15min to go and quickly scored by a simple yet effective combination with Alain cooly converting when facing the OG keeper. This led to some nervous remaining 10min for OG when GSAS pushed hard to get a draw but numerous attempts by GSAS attackers and midfielder didn't find the net. Though OG had overall more ball possession, GSAS was disappointed as a draw was possible and deserved.


Yellow Cards
  • Javier Calvo
  • Carlos Centeno CORDOVA
Double Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Alain von Wattenwyl
  • Enrique Sanchez
  • Enrique Sanchez
  • Jean-Baptiste (JB) Bois
  • Matthieu Ginestet
Man Of the Match
  • Hamza Ben Naceur Gharfane
  • Enrique Sanchez
Man Of the Match (opponent)
  • Francois Pannetier
  • -
Olympique Gaulois Singapore


Dodging the rain

Despite the storm and after a 2 weeks break OGS gathered a big squad with the will to badge our third victory. First half was very promising with good control of the ball from one wing to the other. Eric, JB and Hugo multiplied the calls and the wing served by Amine, Mehdi and kike but the crosses did not find any players. Behind our 4 defenders were controlling the German attacks and Momo was barely put in danger. After 35min, a great pressure from JB allowed to ball to be back to kike. 1-0 at half time. Again second half turned to be much more difficult with GSAS putting much more pressure on the Midfield. Inaki was I fire behind and managed to save few dangerous situation. Coach Simon brought fresh players in the game with Unni, Xexu, Centeno Math and Ivan to turn this trend and Kike served by math managed to score the decisive second goal. Credit to GSAS who continued to press and got a deserved goal back. Last minute were tense and we were relieved to have Tony blow the final whistle Thanks to GSAS for the very competitive and thanks to the ref who last minute came to do the job