Match Review: Hibernians FC vs TGA Rangers FC

20-Oct-2018 15:00

League // -
Hibernians FC
0 - 3
TGA Rangers FC
Referee - N/A // Assistans - N/A & N/A
Hibernians FC


TGA too good

TGA punished Hibs errors to run out winners on the PSA, but it was a better performance than our last showing so there was plenty to be happy about including the fines kitty being bumped up nicely. It was an even start to the game and both teams exchanged a couple of mishit efforts that went wide with one from Buffy after a trademark strong run. Julio made the most of a very good Adam cross-field ball to get one-on-one with the keeper but he couldn’t squeeze it past him. Both teams knocked the ball about a bit and there was limited goal-mouth action until just before half-time. Hibs lost a bit of discipline and Sharples exploited it and forced Rich into a decent save only for the rebound to generously return to him, with which he directed it goal wards, and in his effort to rescue the situation Joey handled for a penalty. That was 1-0 at the half. Two enforced changes in the defence didn’t bode well, but we hope the blisters from new boots (resulting in one of the substitutions) heal quickly and the fine is paid in full! Joe went back into the centre of the defence and Andrew went to right-back and the re-shuffle barely had time to line up before it was 2-0. Sharples got into a decent position, but it was a tight angle and nevertheless his well hit shot went in at the near post. Hibs huffed and puffed and the game had very few chances from there on until a gift of a square ball from the back gave Sharples an invite to drive and shoot and it was 3-0. Julio had a free-kick well saved as Hibs tried to get a goal the lads deserved for a pretty decent performance all things considered. All the best to TGA who deserved the win and joined for beers after. Sharples gets MoM for his goals and Joe gets the home award for doing very well on the wing then at the back despite his tender years.


Yellow Cards
Double Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Jordan Laing
  • Mike Sharples
  • Mike Sharples
  • Marcus Hinge
  • Aaron Clancey-Agius
  • Mike Sharples
Man Of the Match
  • Joe Dutoit
  • Mike Sharples
Man Of the Match (opponent)
  • Mike Sharples
  • Richard Freemantle
TGA Rangers FC


CSC is back at PSA!

A full squad of 16 reported (almost all of us were on time!) for another massive game at a massive pitch! Including farewell-man Mr.Booth who decided to strengthen the bench at the last minute even though he shipped all his football gear to the UK. We started with almost the same line-up to expect the same start in first 10-15 mins as we did in the previous week, high intensity to destroy Hibs, a secured defensive line and grab an early goal. However it didn’t quite go to plan as we suffered from some nicely mown longish-grass and usual unrelenting 3pm sun in Singapore. A fair and even first 30 mins as both teams had a couple chances to break the deadlock, for Rangers Victor's chesting in after Sharples's pin-point cross was called offside, Nathan got a direct free-kick right outside of 18 from his super slow running style and Paddy tried out the near-post but failed to open the scoring. Sharples also attempted his trademark turn-and-shot to the top corner a couple times in and near 18 yds box but nothing in the onion basket. Before the whistle for HT finally his efforts beared fruit, got a pen from his 8th attempt hit the hand of the defender and it was converted by newly-elected penalty master Jordan. HT 1-0. Second half got more hard-hitting, regardless of the Hibs fightback we focused on first 10-15 mins again to keep CSC in action. With one change at HT, Marcus came onto right wing, immediately showed his pin-point long delivery to Sharples, it bounced into the space and he fired a stunning volley! 2-0! It was crucial to have a full squad with quality subs, apart from the never-prepared Stevie. A combination of Sharples and Aaron further enhanced a scoreline, Shaples sealed the game with his second one after another dribble, 3-0. Our aim today was not only scoring, but to bring CSC (Clean Sheet Club) back. We didn't want to show same score line as the last couple of weeks. In the end, it was rewarded by artistic saves from Gigi and all efforts from defenders and midfielders with its hard work on this scorching Saturday afternoon, well deserved the achievement of CSC. FT 3-0. Thanks Hibs for fair play throughout the game, also appreciate to referee Segar for well-controlled judges. And another appreciation to Hibs's club house for entertaining us with after-game beers at side-line of the pitch, we enjoyed fabulous Saturday afternoon.