Match Review: TGA Rangers FC vs Olympique Gaulois Singapore

21-Apr-2018 15:00

Cup Semi // Turf City 2
TGA Rangers FC
3 - 1
Olympique Gaulois Singapore
Referee - Robert Hunt // Assistans - N/A & N/A
TGA Rangers FC


Big game today is looked forward by all of us, solid 16 players turned up although missing a couple players. As delight news we welcome Nathan back to the pitch, after a month time recovery. And Kosuke showed his determination and his samurai soul, step up to the game even his swelling ankle from last week weighs on him. As expected, the game started with high tempo with both team's determination to the win. An unfortunate for french was to happen head injury on CB, and nevertheless Rangers kept high pressure in first half, that brought us an opening goal for us, Jordan's killer lob into space between goalkeeper and CB fits our money player Nathan, put into the nets with little header. In quick sequence, Hiro copied what Jordan did and Fraser tap in to make 2-0 up for us. Of course, Cup semi is not such easy as always, we gave a pen and it could be a turn-around of the game, however the game was still on us. Later on Takishi marked his first goal in Rangers to finish up 3-0 up at half time, after Sharples broke down left side and put cross in. Another news today we had Bernd being back and step in nets. With all efforts from everyone in defense, we kept a clean sheet until last 5 mints to go we gave them another pen. That made a final score as 3-1 and still achieved the aim today. All we look forward to the cup final, against SCC. HN


Yellow Cards
Double Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Fraser Anderson
  • Taishi Fukuda
  • Nathan Bryer
  • Iliass Tamime
  • Jordan Laing
  • Hiromitsu Nakaue
  • Mike Sharples
Man Of the Match
  • Kosuke Uchida
  • Jonathan B
Man Of the Match (opponent)
  • Remi Tache
  • -
Olympique Gaulois Singapore



It was the first time that OG reach the semi final of the Cosmo cup. After two difficult games won by penalty against Aioli PM and Latini, OG squad was ready for this interesting challenge. But the game did not turn up as we expected. After 15 minutes into the game our central back went out few minutes for injury time as his brow bone was cut open. It seems that our medical staff exaggerated a little bit with the bandage over his head, as they're covering his entire head... even his eyes !!! Two long balls were thrown at him successively and he was obviously not able to clear it. After the game our medical staff claimed: "What, he told me to strap it up, I strap it up even his eyes !!! Regardless being two goals down, OG team pushed and managed to obtain a penalty after a corner kick. Our captain decided to take care of it, and, and, and .... as a big fan of the Roberto Baggio he shoot the same way as he did during the Final of the World Cup 94 : After the game our captain claimed : "It is stronger than me, I like to shoot it over the cross bar." Indeed, his last penalty which was at Padang pitch end up in the terrace of the National Gallery Singapore. Until today, how the ball manage to reach the terrace remains a mystery for the Director of the museum and the ball remains available at The lost and Found of the museum. Final Score 3-1 for Rangers. All the best to the Rangers for the final MOM Gaulois : Jonathan as a solid game as Right back.