Match Review: Casuals FC vs Aioli Monkeys FC

13-Apr-2018 20:15

League // UWC Dover
Casuals FC
3 - 1
Aioli Monkeys FC
Referee - Segar // Assistans - N/A & N/A
Casuals FC



2 wins in a row LOLZ

Superstition – excessively credulous belief in and reverence for the supernatural or a widely held but irrational belief in the supernatural. Beating Gaelic the week before Frazer looked up to the Odin and thought he’d been blessed by the mighty Gods so in turn he honoured them with exactly the same clothes, hair gel, pre match process that brought Casuals a worthy win the week before. Game started ok with neither side really creating too much. Casuals were a little sloppy on the ball and PM were moving the ball well and looking for space down with channels. Lots of war cries followed but no real instructions or anything that would actually help but we all love a good “lads, get stuck in”… Our first goal came from the first time we played football and it only took 3 passes!! Andy booted the ball to Will, Will booted the ball to the Gaffer, Gaffer finished very well with a left foot swing to the upper90. 3 passes. 1-0. PM equalised shortly after with a fast break away and turning in for 1-1. PM were still having the fair share of the ball and with more war cries the Gaffer decided that we should go to a 451, Frazer said No! Gaffer said yes! Trouble in paradise? Bromance ending? Luckily for all half time came. HT chat was positive, we needed to be a little more organised and keep the ball rather than trying to score with every single possession. Second half started and it was much of the same with PM keeping the ball well but nothing really pressing Greg and Steadwood. We weren’t keeping the ball well and our shape wasn’t great but we escaped any real punishment. Someone somewhere, maybe Odin, said play 3 passes again and see what happens….guess what happened! We scored ROfL. 2-1. Yay! Soon after a bit of controversy when Greg and the mouthy #10 tangled outside the box, to be fair most saw a red coming however due to Frazers superstition Greg got a yellow and the ref, lino got abuse. Sanders then made what can only be described as a world class save! A shot that was destined for the top bin was somehow stopped with Sanders flying across the goal getting a fingertip to the ball, on to the post across the goal and out. Pressure continued and Wags ‘JJ’ put his life on the line and made 2 very important headers to clear the danger! #hero #f*ckyeah #freedom Can’t remember when but we had a 2 breaks in the game, first one for the lights failing for 10mins and second for Neymar Jnr having to remove all his bling…necklace first, then earing…then earing #2 and finally Neymar Jnr was ready to take part. With PM pushing for an equaliser we found ourselves with a break away after Joe nipped around the defender only to be pushed out the way by the Gaffer who finished well with his left peg, lifting it over the GK. Tidy. 3-1. winning. A game low on quality but Casuals did what they needed to do. MOM – gaffer did well but Sanders for the save and a critical time gets the nod. MOM PM – Besselink was a threat all game


Yellow Cards
  • Greg Ryan
  • Mark Stead
Double Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Andy Dyne
  • Nick Verrill
  • Andy Dyne
  • Mark Addy
  • Will Patz
  • Joe Cadden
  • Shotaro Ichikawa
Man Of the Match
  • Sander Saurajen
  • Mark Addy
Man Of the Match (opponent)
  • Peter Besselink
  • -
Aioli Monkeys FC


Tough loss

A good Friday night battle with the casuals but a disappointing defeat. Some good football played by both sides but casuals took the 3 points with some very well taken goals as pivotal times. 1-1 at HT after an open game, we struggled to make the final pass count after having plenty of posession. Casuals very dangerous on the break with 2 central strikers pushed on. Second half as we were getting on top casuals scored an excellent goal on the break, a good cross met at the back post. We pushed on to get a goal and casuals scored on the break to take the 3 points. Thanks for the game.