Match Review: Hibernians FC vs TGA Rangers FC

14-Apr-2018 15:00

League // PSA Club
Hibernians FC
2 - 4
TGA Rangers FC
Referee - Johannes Stalenburg // Assistans - N/A & N/A
Hibernians FC



Party Bus Mayhem

The day started with Lippy trying to explain to G about the Party bus bar crawl, none the less he has said he is in (think he thinks its a spa day). Hibs started well with some pressure and could easily have been 1 goal up with a great pass from Boycey to put Farhan in, unfortunately skying from 4 yards. As per from this same phase of play TGA went up the field and with Hibs asleep a simple ball across the box made it 1-0 TGA. Shortly after Boycey, who is still going on about his goal in midweek, had a rush of his vodka red bull from last night and darted into the box inches from a tap-in with some great play from G. The game started to get a little harder with tired legs and some good saves from Din, it was a matter of time before we were down 2-0. Half-time was needed. Ian went on for some fresh legs which changed the game and Hibs had some more chances and TGA were a little rattled, unfortunately the change of formation from Talbot gave them another Goal. Than came Andrews Knott over-head Kick which after he came down from his altitude sickness again, was quoted “I was pretty high, like 3 meters off the ground” 3-1 and more pressure. Unfortunately, again Hibs were punished by slow reactions, short free-kick gave Mike S an easy tap-in. 4-1 down, some good football and not giving up, Hibs showed character with Ian scoring a nice goal. 4-2 To end of the match Knotty did 50 step-overs, fell over and we all laughed. We were able to laugh at the end as it was a good shift from the lads and a few chances taken early on and who knows how the result would have been. Special mention for Knotty for running all game. Din, the goal-keeper, for some good hands. Raper for supporting and abusing players. Good news is I never put him on. MoM Niko for a fantastic work rate against a good player. TGA MoM was Fraser


Yellow Cards
Double Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Andrew Knott
  • Ian Triplett
  • Fraser Anderson
  • Mike Sharples
  • Dan Ousby
  • Stephen McLaughlin
Man Of the Match
  • Niko Rieder
  • -
Man Of the Match (opponent)
  • Fraser Anderson
  • -
TGA Rangers FC


Improving...... anyone for nets?

Hello Everyone, We scored 4. They scored 2. We had Paddy Sutton in nets. Stevie McLaughlin scored a quality corner of the box finish that Mike Sharples would of been proud of. Definitely fit for Facebook. But it all seems far fetched, and truth be told, Rangers do some things well but we still continue to ship goals. We know what we have to do and it is what it is at the moment. However, one thing we aint short of is grit and determination. We got the job done, it should / could have been cleaner, but again, its 3 points and certainly a much needed run out after 2 weeks off before the semi with the French. Not too much more to be said - the focus is on next Saturday which everyone is looking forward too. Will be a great match and all of us should be looking to it. Thanks to Hibs for an honest game - apart from the needless lunge on Kosuke. Good luck for the remainder of the season. Cheers, Nathan