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On friday evening TGA RANGERS secured the Cosmo League title with a strong 5-2 win against Hotspurs. Rangers have throughout the season been playing some good football and Coach Ollie have successfully managed to combina the best of TGA and Rangers. Cosmo League household names Hiro, Bernd, Essad and of course captain Toddy have alongside new quality players search as league topscorer Sharples, Rowan (GK), Paddy and Olli been a force to reckon with from the August through to May. Only loosing one game all season is a true testament to the stability it takes to win a cosmo league that have been more competitive than ever.

With the Cup and Plate finals still to be played on the 11th june - we are still waiting to see which teams will join rangers on the stage at the end of season party on th 25th on June.


October 12 2018

Thirsty work

October 5 2018

Starting to take shape

September 21 2018

No clean sheets

September 14 2018

Goals Goals Goals...

September 3 2018

All to play for....