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41 goals as Latini, Gaelic and SCC have convincing wins

The weekend started with Casuals beating Aioli after a close fought match and for the 2nd time this season Aioli left UWC loosing by a 1 goal margin. Elsewhere Vikings looekd set to take the three points against fellow top half team Rangers, but with two goals in the last 7 minutes from the "old boys" Toddy and Essad it was Rangers leaving the Centaurs the happier team.

On Saturday the German Allstars enjoyed a 2-0 vs Hollandse on Dempsey, before SCC on the same pitch dismantled Nippon by 7-1 to revenge the 1-1 draw from earlier in the season. Old friends Latini and O.Gaulois clashed at Turf City and it was the former who ran away winners with a convincing 4-0 in despite of missing a penalty at 0-0. Hospurs continue their rollercoaster season and this weekend took the 3 points vs Swiss after an entertaining 6-3 win and last Gaelic Lions took a part Hibernians with a stunning 9-0 win.


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