Match Review: 1TM Latini FC vs Gaelic Lions FC

17-Sep-2022 15:00

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1TM Latini FC
0 - 1
Gaelic Lions FC
Referee - N/A // Assistans - N/A & N/A
1TM Latini FC




Game Week 2 in the Cosmo League saw a top of the table clash between Gaelic Lions and 1 Tenah Merah. Tactical Tally was having to work over time as several late fitness tests were required (some passed, some scraped a grade and some had their optimism dashed). Nonetheless, a strong squad was put in place for Saturday’s match with a tight fitting new kit to show off too. The match started at a quick pace with both sides fighting for the right to play. The trio of Sharples, Duplo and Flat White were able to get some joy down the flanks but a combination of decent goalkeeping and last ditch defending saw 1TM fail to break the deadlock. That moment came from the Lions as a ball played between our centre backs was latched onto by the busy number 11 who rounded POB and was able to squeeze the ball in from a tight angle. HT 0-1 Out for the second half and the 1TM faithful were treated to an emotional sight as 1TM stalwart, Lego, returned onto the Turf pitch. 1TM were confident we would keep getting chances and although we didn’t quite connect with fluid football, we were still creating. 1TM had some decent efforts through a couple of one on ones and a mazy run from Snail who had his shot cleared off the line- we just could not get the goal that our hard work deserved. Lions fought for every ball too and had their own chance to extend the lead with a header that cannoned off the bar. FT 0-1 In the end a pretty even contest ended in disappointment for 1TM proving last week’s point that there are no easy games in this league. Thanks to the Lions for a fair and combative game. MOM for the lions was Adam MOM for 1TM was Frando/sacred cow DOD MOM


Yellow Cards
  • Adam Smith
  • Xavier Sproule
  • Andy Dyne
Double Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Xavier Sproule
  • Dom Marwood
Man Of the Match
  • Fraser Anderson
  • Will Sexton
Man Of the Match (opponent)
  • Adam Smith
  • Jamie Townsend
Gaelic Lions FC


Michael Sheen Is a Gaelic Lion

Fresh of his welsh pre match pep talk going Viral last week, the club chairman didn't hesitate and sent Gaelic Lions DHL Air Force One to pick up the main man and deliver the Lions pre match prep talk at Turf city yesterday afternoon ahead of an extremely tough game v's Latini Lets cut some Cheese, Lets cut some Cheese, I hear the voices singing. Speed your journey, bhoys bach. One Club, Singing with One Voice. A song of hope, a song of courage, A victory song that rolls through the HDB's like a Green Mist Rolls over Mount Faber, like Emerald Thunder. A Green Storm is coming to the gates of Turf City. It crackles with the spirit of "15 and Ciaran Mc Goldrick's Bhoys It turns the pages of the History Books and finds Sean Walls page waiting, still to be written. Dare you write your names on that page? We haven't waited 14 years and moved halfway around the world, Too be troubled by others who call this home. When this league comes knocking on our door, Lets give them some cheese, lets give them some Gaelic Cheese. They have always said we are too small, too weak, too full of fear but Lets cut some cheese you sons of speed And they will fall around us. We are still here! Not sure who Justin and Latini flew in for their pre match pep talk but he did a pretty decent job an all, in a brilliant high octain encounter. Gaelic absolutely chuffed with the win but tough battles remain in this x3 season. Chances at both ends and both teams stood up to be counted in a toe to toe clash. Ultimately it was the skipper Dom (he and Smithy setting the tone for us all day) whose through ball went to Xave who rounded the keeper and scored from a tricky Angle. Latini will be feeling a licking their wounds a little today I guess but they are a fantastic team who will have plenty of days ahead when they are on the other side of tight results like that against us no doubt and the rest of the quality outfits in this league. In a tight game like yesterday the MOM has to go to any one of the lads who played in the back four. Brilliant discipline from a lightning and dangerous Latini attack. So the MOM goes to Will Sexton for brilliant performance at full back. 2 League games into my Cosmo involvement and already that was the longest 90 i have experienced since Ray Houghton put the ball in the English net back in Euro 88 Really well run game and thanks to the 3 officials for matching the performances of every player on the pitch.