Match Review: 1TM Latini FC vs Gaelic Lions FC

22-Oct-2016 17:00

League // Turf City 1
1TM Latini FC
0 - 0
Gaelic Lions FC
Referee - Segar // Assistans - Jonathan & Shah
1TM Latini FC



Not so stale mates

A game we look forward to after two great games last season plus tremendous banter and drinks after the matches. Today should have been no different but the game turned in to a dull affair as both teams effectively nullified each other. Both teams had players injured or traveling but there was still plenty of quality on the pitch to create chances but they didn’t materialize. My pre match prediction of “This has 0-0 written all over it” proved correct. Brett for the Lions had the best chance of the match, reacting quickest to Dez’s parry on 20 minutes, however with the goal at his mercy he shot wide. No doubt a little rusty after eight weeks on the sidelines. At the other end Duplo forced a worldy of a save from Anders which on another day would have seen his shot fly in to the top corner. The rest of the half and match saw very few chances with both teams threatening from set pieces to no avail. A competitive match with little quality and very fair result. For Latini we finally stopped our run of four successive defeats and kept a clean sheet so some positives to take in to the Swiss game this weekend. The highlights of the day were the party bus back to the new Harry’s in Holland Village joined by the Garlic boys. Until next time Ciaran and the gang… Next game cup v Swiss, 3pm Turf City   Kit & drinks: - TBC


Yellow Cards
  • Eric okumum
Double Yellow Cards
Red Cards
Man Of the Match
  • Ben Morley
  • Sam Balls
Man Of the Match (opponent)
  • Sam Balls
  • Daniel Gregson
Gaelic Lions FC



All aboard the disco bus!

We have all heard the phrase 'jesus, we are absolutely shit this year' but it's rare that you would hear it as often as Tally said it about his poor Latini team on Saturday. I mean, let's face it, they were getting an absolute shellacking at the hands of the mighty Lions at the time but I felt it was over the top criticism and one which couldn't have helped his team. Their lack of confidence was there for all to see and the normally reliable players like Jake, Duplo, Daz and JT an absolute shadow of their former selves. At one point I said 'Tally, take it easy they are doing their best!' and he replied very aggressively with some choice language aimed in my direction which I will not sour this fine institution's website with, by repeating in print. I think he had been drinking and even though that is not against the rules, shows that the Latini institution, after such a positive showing last season is now morphing into a crumbling edifice, ripe for demolishment. From the Lions standpoint, it was another superb performance with only an inspired showing by Dez in nets for the previously good Latini preventing the Lions reaching double figures. We went to the pub afterwards, in the Latini disco bus. It was a bit embarrassing, for me anyway, as the Latini players were literally begging me to be their gaffer, totally brazen, literally in front of Tally, who at this point was basically incoherent. It just illustrated their desperation and desire for change but I was not to be swayed. I shall remain a Lion for at least the next game against the French. Match highlight for me was Daz shouting 'Hanging gardens of Babylon!!!' at nobody in particular for absolutely no reason with about half an hour to go! Alright!!