Match Review: Gaelic Lions FC vs 1TM Latini FC

06-Sep-2019 20:00

League // Tanglin Trust School
Gaelic Lions FC
0 - 1
1TM Latini FC
Referee - Ruslee // Assistans - N/A & N/A
Gaelic Lions FC


Schools out!

It was the welcome return of the friday night lights for an early season encounter with our old buddies 1TM Latini. Tanglin Trust School was the venue this week, it felt unusual being there, all we had to do was play a game of footie and not hand over $150k for school fees or go for my usual daily teacher meeting to be told how intelligent my kids are. First half was a robust affair, Latini had the better of the early exchanges, they were knocking it around nicely and had better shape and it took the Lions a little while to get into the swing of things but when we did, by getting Petesy on the ball, we started to open the game up a little and create some chances. The end of the half saw the Lions come in content and ready to go for the second. Fearsome Al arrived wearing some camouflage clobber, presumably because he lost a bet, of some description. He was like a huge floating head all night drinking cans and shouting abuse at the ref instead of playing centre-half! So cool! The second half began and Latini again started with more purpose, the pressure culminating in a goal, a shot from outside the box which trundled its way past Krish in the goal to make it 1-0. Time for the Lions to step it up a gear. There were three moments of note for the Lions which could have changed the game but alas, did not. Firstly, McGinley picked up a penalty, walked over to the goal and gently, oh so gently handed it to the other Pete O’Brien and it remained 1-0. Shortly after that Handsome Jimmy D hit a good free the aforementioned ‘keeper got a great hand up to divert it ove the bar. The link is below if anyone fancies a gander. It was a great save. The final nail in the coffin was a great turn and shot on the edge of the box by Brett which cannoned off the post in the final minute and went to safety. Sealed the deal and a hard-fought win for 1TM. Fair play lads. MOM for the Lions and Latini was Pete O’Brien. Weird. Next up for the Lions is OGS. Some points would be great.


Yellow Cards
  • Darragh Frost
Double Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Luke Townsend
  • George Parrott
Man Of the Match
  • Petesy O'Brien
  • Pete O'Brien
Man Of the Match (opponent)
  • Pete O'Brien
  • Petesy O'Brien
1TM Latini FC


Class Act

Pitch freshly cut (and extended to 102yds if anyone is counting) - check Pesky halfway wire removed - check Penalty spots meticulously painted - check (the paint was still wet at kickoff) Faulty flood lights lamps replaced - check Corner flags in position - ch...that was Baker’s job?! Cones will do. Excitement was in the air as 1TM began life at their new home for their first Friday night fixture of the season: Tanglin Trust School. As Tally’s mum called in to say he was on an educational trip to Bali, caretaker responsibilities fell to Mr POB (Head of Faculty) and Mr Raver (Head of Tuck Shop). Before kickoff, we considered ourselves unlucky to have chalked up only 1 point in 2 matches and games against the Lions have normally resulted in a ‘requires improvement’ report for us. With lessons learned from our opening fixtures, a new home, a newish uniform and a new nickname (Flatwhite) in our ranks, 1TM were in confident mood. As expected, the game began frantically as both sides bullied their way to take control. 1TM settled quickly on to task and knocked the ball around patiently trying to find an opening. A couple of half chances were created, but a combination of wandering offsides and good defending meant that 1TM struggled to find an opener. Not to be outdone, the Lions battled back and posed a constant threat with their final balls into the box towards their busy striker. Old Boy, Pep, Head Boy, Baker, along with Prefects Nedly and Doc did well to cope with the increased pressure. At half time, it was 0-0 and an ‘A’ for effort for 1TM and the Lions. The second half began with a similar story to the first with both teams playing good football and defending well. 1TM eventually found some joy down the left wing and star pupil, Duplo, cut inside and smashed a bullet from the edge of the box. 1-0. Typically, 1TM lost some composure on the ball and the Lions began to apply more pressure. Another free kick conceded on the edge of the box nearly resulted in an equaliser, but top marks for POB, who produced a good stop. Both sides made changes to maintain the high intensity in which the game was being played at. With 15 minutes remaining, the ball was crossed into the 1TM box and Baker conceded his second penalty in 3 games. After a detention of writing, “I will not go through the back of strikers” 1000 times, he promises not to do it again. POB confirmed his status as Teacher’s Pet for the evening by pushing the resulting penalty to safety. 1TM threatened on the counter and nearly added a second as the game refused to fizzle out in the closing stages. There was even time for the Lions to hit the outside of the post with almost the last kick of the game. Having been undone by the woodwork in our past two matches, it was nice for luck to favour us on this occasion. Final score 1-0. Well played to both sets of teams in a competitive and very sporting contest. All the best to the Lions for the rest of the season. A huge thanks to the Gibbon for coming down to watch. Next up Hibs at PSA Lions MOM: Petesy O’Brien 1TM MOM: POB Dunce of the Day: Tommo for having a brief sulk