Match Review: Gaelic Lions FC vs Singapore Vikings FC

24-May-2019 21:00

League // Turf City 1
Gaelic Lions FC
1 - 3
Singapore Vikings FC
Referee - N/A // Assistans - N/A & N/A


Yellow Cards
Double Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Chris Keay
  • Michael Dragsbaek
  • Scott Rankin
  • Torbjorn Gjervik
Man Of the Match
  • -
  • Scott Rankin
Man Of the Match (opponent)
  • -
  • -
Singapore Vikings FC


Fri Fun

Another a Friday night game and another victory, we have a plan for next year! As I was not at the game it will be difficult to give an accurate account of the game, as I do understand it was a tough end of season affair that was not pretty at times. We took the lead through Drags, they equalised and then we got two more to make it 9 points out of 9 in the final weeks of the season - oh how it looks much better seeing green on the board. Thanks to all who managed to muster up the energy and effort to make it out for this rearranged game and ensure that we could fulfil the league fixtures. Thanks to Gaelic and the officials too! Over the summer we will regroup, plan and go for a better place in the league. Enjoy the weeks off.