Match Review: Gaelic Lions FC vs FC Nippon

25-Jan-2019 20:00

League // UWC Tampines
Gaelic Lions FC
1 - 1
FC Nippon
Referee - N/A // Assistans - N/A & N/A
Gaelic Lions FC



Another Rhino Dead!

That’s right, the young, speedy little shit from County Derry (UK) is leaving and moving on down under. Over the past 3.5 seasons Rhino scored 6 goals, had 9 assists but most impressive was his average 20km per 45mins. His most memorable moment was against Rangers, 16/17 season, when Sharples refused to leave his pocket!! He resembled an energiser bunny on cocaine when on a pitch, box to box (and in the bed, says Ciaran). Overall it was a very tight game with very few chances for either team. The deadline was broken in the 80th minute we Rhino ws bought down for a pen. Al stepped up to put us 1-0 up. With a minute to go Nippon equalised from the sport. Game ended 1-1. We love you Rhino, all the best mate. Lions x Thank you Nippon for a well played game.


Yellow Cards
  • Matt McCole
  • Rich Sexton
  • Simon Lloyd
  • Daisuke NANAI
  • Ryota MURAKI
Double Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Allan O'Donahue
  • Masashi SUEHIRO
Man Of the Match
  • -
Man Of the Match (opponent)
  • -
  • -
FC Nippon


Draw Game

Last game FC Nippon performed very well (4-1), and we aimed win successively against Lions, The game had started 8pm on Friday, and Some key players can't make it this game due to business, suspension.. 1st half, As we try to keep possession against Lions, however Lions keep high pressure, and control the game very well. we are attacked majority of 1st half, GK Koichi perform big save and Lions couldn’t score. FC Nippon have few chance with short counterattack, however couldn’t score. 1st half finished with scoreless. 2nd half, FC Nippon perform very well. Lions pressure is down compare to the 1st half, we control the game step by step, we get several chance from Sugi, Sue, Kaki but still zero score. Lions penetrate penalty area and they get the PK, Lions convert a PK. (0-1, 80min). We are trying to score and finally Nanai break down the Lions defense, and get PK. Sue score the tying goal.(1-1, 87min) The game finish draw. FC Nippon couldn’t win, but performance will be improved from this year. we will continue to make effort, and aiming to win for the next match. Thanks Lions for the good game.