Match Review: Singapore Vikings FC vs Hibernians FC

12-Jan-2019 15:00

League // Turf City 1
Singapore Vikings FC
1 - 2
Hibernians FC
Referee - Dave // Assistans - N/A & N/A
Singapore Vikings FC


Hard to take

Hibs deserved the victory in this rather scrappy but hard fought game. There were many examples as to how Christmas excess had taken in it's toll on a number of players as many found it difficult to last in the sweltering heat. Vikings welcomed Domino and Jonas back to the starting line-up and with the returning Leslie and pace on the bench we felt that we had enough to secure the three points. There were a number of chances for both teams in the first quarter but nothing that you could call a real chance. Set pieces looked our best chance of breaking the deadlock but these were few and far between. Hibs were dogged in their approach and displayed a determination that was not fully evident in our last encounter. They took the lead after 30 min after a Viking attack broke down and the ball was carried from one end of the pitch to the other by a man in green before being passed to a striker. What followed was hard to believe, a series of errors finally saw the ball in our net after four or five attempts at a clearance failed. After time arrived and we were 1-0 down. Too many times this season we have let in soft goals and have not really made our opposition have to do too much to score against us. Much was said at the break and a call for greater fight and togetherness was asked for. Within minutes of the restart we were level after a long ball from Henrik found Meli and his cute touch passed the keeper and rolled into the empty net. Another 10 minutes or so came and went before Hibs sent on three subs, almost immediately one of them got on the ball and shot from range- a wicked deflection saw the ball loop up and bypass the stranded Bart to give the visitors the lead. Vikings tried hard to get back in the closing 20 min but many were out of gas and there was just not enough left to seriously threaten a comeback. We congratulate Hibs on their victory and lick our wounds and move on to our Friday night battle with Casuals on Friday. Thanks to all of the officials for a good job.


Yellow Cards
  • Ales Melechovsky
  • Casper Toennesen
  • Joe Poulton
Double Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Ales Melechovsky
  • Daniel Martin
  • Tiago Coelho
  • Henrik Synnes
Man Of the Match
  • Thomas Domino Andersen
  • Tiago Coelho
Man Of the Match (opponent)
  • Thorin Duffin
  • Ales Melechovsky
Hibernians FC


100% Screamer

Poor Tiago. He scores a 25-yard bullet within 30 seconds of coming on and spends the next 30 minutes showing us we don’t need to shit the bed every time we get the ball just because we’re finally winning a game. Then all anyone can talk about in the pub is how his winner took this massive lucky deflection and should probably go down as an own goal. Even Vikings have stuck the boot in. I thought it was a lovely strike that took the merest of flicks and really hope he comes back on Saturday. Our first goal on the other hand…first off Buffy seemed shocked to be one-on-one with their keeper and fell over the ball as he tried to finish. Dan and the covering Vikings defender tripped over him and Vikings managed to scramble the ball out of the box. Knotty pinged it back against the post, Thorin had a swipe, Dan took a touch that sent him backwards, and then finally wrong-footed everyone with a scuff in the bottom corner. It was wonderful stuff. In between all that it was a lot like playing ourselves. Vikings might even be the only side in the last 10 years that has hit more back-to-front punts than us in a game. They even scored with one when DoF and Colin got in a muddle. Overall, it way a great way to start the year and end what was starting to become a worrying losing run. The squad is back looking strong and we should be able to kick on from here. MoM for Hibs goes to Tiago and for Vikings to their big striker.