Match Review: Casuals FC vs Gaelic Lions FC

21-Sep-2018 20:15

League // UWC Dover
Casuals FC
1 - 0
Gaelic Lions FC
Referee - Syed Ibrahim // Assistans - N/A & N/A
Casuals FC


Long Ball Team?

The infamous “Long ball” theory is actually meant for the inferior or lower division teams where the source for technically gifted footballers is limited. With no less than 8+ first team players out we knew this was going to be a tough one. Gaelic are always tough opponents as we found out last year but we are always confident at home. The game started ok, it wasn’t a very nice game for the neutrals with both teams seemingly rushing the play. Gaelic were trying to ping long balls to the left mid at every opportunity and after a few deliveries’ form the winger it was clear that he was the danger man. We were comfortable though for the most part, whilst the 2 in the middle dominated the 3 of Gaelic and the boys at the back sweeping most of the long balls up it was only a matter of time that we would find space and opportunities. I cant remember how many saves the GK made but it must have been double figures, some poor finishing, wrong decisions and great saves kept it a 0-0 until Cal tapped in from close range to take a 1 – 0 lead. The second half was much of the same, long ball to the left winger and we looked to play around the middle and down the wings especially attacking the right back who was looking uncomfortable but happy to launch long balls. One hairy moment when new casual Dom knocked past our stand in GK however the GK got back in time to clear away from the line. Not a great spectacle but in 3rd gear for the game we were happy to finish with a clean sheet. MOM Casuals: Mark Tey MOM Gaelic: no doubt the GK, without him could have 6 or 7.


Yellow Cards
  • Will Patz
  • Ollie Canning
Double Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Callum Dunne
Man Of the Match
  • Mark Tey
  • Anders Jensen
Man Of the Match (opponent)
  • Anders Jensen
  • Callum Dunne
Gaelic Lions FC


Friday night woes....

Well another disappointing but fair result. Our recent run of poor results continued and the gaffer has to put up his hand for a serious of poor tactical decisions which cost us. We simply weren't at the races for the first 10 minutes and found ourselves behind, early on, following a breakaway by Casual which punished us. It certainly woke us up and we soon created several chances which could have got us back in the game. Matt McCole had a good debut leading the line and on a different day could have got us level after a defensive mishap by Casuals defense. JB Bois, soon after took a pop at goal which, had it gone, in would have been a contender for goal of the season but the keeper pulled off an outstanding save. The rest of the first-half was pretty even with both teams pushing for goal. As we pressed a high line in the second half, we were picked off by some quality counter attacking football and had it not been for the heroics of Anders Jensen in goal, it could have been a rout. I must admit i though we had equalized following another defensive error by Casuals and despite our claims it had got over the line, the assistant referee was not back on the corner flag to make the call. Playing a high line against fast opponents is always a risky affair and as i get to know the style of football the more evident it is that this league is built on the principle of 'route one' football. Lee Banbury has a great debut for the Lions and is more than capable of holding his own in this league. When the whole squad is fit and available we will start getting the results our commitment deserves. For now me must be patient, but the tide will turn and soon......