Match Review: Hotspurs FC vs Hibernians FC

15-Sep-2018 17:00

League // Turf City 1
Hotspurs FC
1 - 1
Hibernians FC
Referee - N/A // Assistans - N/A & N/A
Hotspurs FC


1 More Point

Nobody ever likes the 5pm KO slot on F1 weekend, but Hotspurs and Hibs both showed up in good spirits and with fullish squads. Hibs started brightly before Hotspurs calmed things down and took the lead through classic route one football, a long goal kick onto Roseburgh’s head, before new striker Krzystek continued his fine early season form and slotted a good finish into the bottom corner. 1-0 at half time with both sides having few clear cut chances in the 1st half. Into the second half and Hotspurs were comfortable defending the 1-0 lead and looking to pick Hibs off on the break. Disaster struck with a misplaced pass to Dan Martin who ventured to the edge of the box before being scythed down, a penalty was awarded and Dan rolled it in for 1-1. Both sides pushed on for a winner. Hotspurs hitting the bar and heading just over were two chances that really should have won the game. In the end it was probably a fair result and a game played with the right attitude by both sides. Well refereed throughout. Onto SCC at Dempsey and the return of the Hotspurs Manager who took a long early season holiday, must have been the stress of the pre season.


Yellow Cards
Double Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Daniel Krzystek
  • Daniel Martin
  • Ali Roseburgh
Man Of the Match
  • Igor Stojanac
  • Chris Boylen
Man Of the Match (opponent)
  • -
  • Martin Lawrence
Hibernians FC


First Point!

This was a game of nearlies for both teams, with plenty of chances created and missed, and a point each felt about right in the end. Hibs seemed to start the brighter but never really found the right ball in the final third. Dan and Thorin managed to mess up very good opportunities to put each through. Thorin also snatched at a couple of half decent chances he might normally have put away. Then we gifted Hotspurs a goal out of almost nothing. Ali flicked on a Long ball, Rich was off his line quickly but managed a big swish of an air kick and their striker was left with an open goal. 1-0 at half time. The second half was end to end throughout. Buffy and An Rui both had good chances but An Rui’s fell on his right, Buffy’s on his left, and none hit the target. We got back level though after some good work on the right from Buffy put their centre back under a bit of pressure, and he ended up bringing down Dan as he tried to clear. It seemed just outside the box but a penalty was given and scored. Through all this Hotspurs we’re doing well not to score with some great chances of their own. Ali came closest with an over head volley hat hit the bar. MoM for Hotspurs was their centre mid, who dictated play well. Ours was Boycey, who was solid doing a job out of position at centre back. He’s looking to boss the midfield next week. It should also be noted how nice Nick is. With Dan probably/maybe/might have got there a few years ago through on goal, Nick alerted the ref to JD being on the floor with head injury/hangover and play was stopped. And he says we’re not supposed to win the fair play league this year.