Match Review: 1TM Latini FC vs TGA Rangers FC

25-Aug-2018 15:00

League // Turf City 2
1TM Latini FC
0 - 2
TGA Rangers FC
Referee - N/A // Assistans - N/A & N/A
1TM Latini FC


We turned up Sat looking to stop the rot vs our bogey side TGA Rangers. The last time we’d actually beaten Rangers Toddy was only in his 30’s, JC was still trying to pretend to be a striker, Sharples wasn’t even born and Oli Wright didn’t have a ‘Dad-Bod’….. Just kidding, Oli still had a Dad-Bod. A few minor changes with Pep and Ethan unavailable, saw Colin and Tommo make their 1st Cosmo starts on a blistering hot turf city pitch 2. The opening exchanges were fairly lax with both teams feeling each other out until Rangers drew 1st blood right on the drinks break whistle. A corner broke down and after 1TM failed to deal with a hoofed ball back into the melee, the ball broke kindly to the Rangers striker who dispatched clinically. 0-1 HT. We gave it a good go 2nd half to get back into the game but struggled to break the resilient Rangers back line down and truth be told Rangers looked the more likely goal threat on the break, hitting the post and forcing POB into a few smart saves. A late goal with men committed forward finished us off and sent 3-points Rangers way. 0-2 FT. Thanks to Team Pizza, Devon, Boneless Fish, Team Roberts for coming down to support – much appreciated Well done to TGA Rangers – deserved win. MOTM 1tm-Latini – JR MOTM TGA Rangers – Hydhir DOTD – WW Kit – Lozza Balls – WW


Yellow Cards
  • Lewis Wood
  • Thomas Sumantri
  • Tom Ruffles
Double Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Aaron Clancey-Agius
  • Tom Ruffles
  • Mike Sharples
  • Victor Felicia
Man Of the Match
  • Jamie Roberts
  • Paddy Sutton
Man Of the Match (opponent)
  • Muhammad Hydhir Mohamad
  • Darren Wareing
TGA Rangers FC



Big money Rangers make it 2 in 2!

Rangers came into the game on the back of some proper sponsorship acquirement over the summer break. We have taken the financial backing of Sarnies, Rosso Vino, Sahara and the Foot Doc to start paying some proper wages to the stalwarts of yesteryear. With wages now settled up – still pending a few IOUs – Rangers turned up after last week’s victory over Aioli to look to make it 2 wins out of 2. The first half was tight for both teams, a lot of cancelling out and to be fair, it always looked like the deadlock would be broken by way of a deflection / own goal as both sides tried to find ways to break the deadlock. It was not quite a deflection, but a break of the ball in the Latini box that allowed Aaron to latch on from 5 yards out to deliver the first goal for Rangers. It was well taken and game by game, the Wizard of Oz is starting to show his instinct around the box. Watch this space, 25 more to come in the season. The first half played out, not many more opportunities and Rangers went into the break at 1-0 knowing they could still play improve on the first 45.The second half began with no subs from Rangers. Mad Malc had decided that he wanted to keep the team settled for the first 15 to ease into the 2nd half and keep it tight. The first 10 were slightly scrappy from Rangers. Half chances did crop up for both sides, with Adam in nets putting in a sterling performance off his line in place of the reliable Luca – a benefit of the massive sponsorship we got during the close season. Straight from Turin – Ronaldo in, Luca out. I would say their loss is our gain, but does not quite make sense. I think what we say, is win win for both parties. We wish Juve well for the season ahead. Anyways, back to the 2nd half, it started to be similar to the first, until we had a few open chances for Sharples and Aaron. Aaron got a one on one, which he gathered himself and took on the half volley at the edge of the area. He beat the keeper and it looked destined to hit the net, however, it rebounded off the inside of the post and across the 6 yard box prior to being cleared by Latini. It was a moment that could easily of swung momentum with Latini, however, Rangers persevered and made some changes of their own to freshen it up. Dan came on for Jordy, whom is still coming back after a knee injury, and made an immediate impact with winning the ball and turning defence to attack. Tom came on too, out wide left with Sharples going central to mix it up for the last 25. We lost Hiro to injury – which we hope is not too bad – get back soon Hiro-San!! The game was slightly nervous for the last 20, however, for the last 5 mins, we did muster up a chance going down the right with a cross at pace that found Tom at the backpost – full stretch – to send it back from where it came from across Pob and into his bottom left. It felt like slow motion, but it made it 2-0 and we knew then it would be a big effort from Latini to get back from that. We are not getting carried away – Latini are a good side, but they were missing a few. Sadly for them, Sharples wage rise on the close season has put him out of reach as a number 9 would be a great addition to the squad. That said, we have now got 6 points on the board and head into next week against Gaelics with momentum which we know will be another stern test. The performance is one where it mirrored the old school Rangers of not conceding and finding goals in the game. Post-game, we had some unfortunate events of a massacre on the Rangers Whatsapp Group Chat. Malcolm being in position of Admin, decided he was going to kill off many former heroes. It was sad. Horrific. Not something kids should see. Counselling is available to those in need. There will be a minutes silence next week before Gaelics for this and also Barry Chuckle – true legend. With that, its “to me, to you” and on we go. God bless Barry! xx