Match Review: Gaelic Lions FC vs Singapore Vikings FC

19-May-2018 15:00

League // Turf City 1
Gaelic Lions FC
1 - 2
Singapore Vikings FC
Referee - Johannes Stalenburg // Assistans - N/A & N/A


Yellow Cards
  • Simon Lloyd
  • Shane Buttimer
  • Ryan McEneaney
  • Niels Klarskov
Double Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Brett Bowman
  • Ales Melechovsky
  • Ales Melechovsky
  • Lasse Lund
  • Leslie Andersen
Man Of the Match
  • Rich Sexton
  • Marius Haavark
Man Of the Match (opponent)
  • -
  • Brett Bowman
Singapore Vikings FC


Last game of the season

Last game of the season and that could be spotted looking at Singapore Vikings squad. A few guys in bali, a few has left Singapore as their studies were over and a few injuries with the last one being the goalkeeper Bart during warm up. Anyhow last game for our coach Domino so at least we could go and have fun and try to get the best of it. That’s exactly what happened. Game was going very much back and forward with few half chances. We would once again conseed before our opponent, but Vikings have proved this season that we don’t give up that easy. While writing this report I honestly don’t remember Gaelics goal and might have something to do with to much alcohol the days prior. Anyhow behind 1-0 at half time and we were tired for sure, but with Giraf as the only sub and hungry to come on we knew a minutes weakness would force Domino to sub, so everyone was more or less ready for 2nd half. We got the equalizer on a Lasse Lund signature long throw in , where Meli (despite Karl (harry kane) might have claimed it) barely touched it and between friends it went in. Fairly lucky but Vikings also had their chances as well as Gaelic. The Dragon replacing Bart on goal also did well stopping a Gaelic counter attack and did a beautiful double save. Probably a goal at this time would have deboosted Vikings moral. Meli scored the winner with somewhat 10 min to go after nice assist job by Leslie. Heroic fighting all over gave us this win to secure 5th spot in a very mixed season. A big thanks goes out to Domino who stepped up as coach when the club needed him. Thanks to Lions for giving a great game as always and good luck in the cup final. Thanks to refs as well