Match Review: 1TM Latini FC vs Singapore Vikings FC

21-Apr-2018 15:00

League // Turf City 1
1TM Latini FC
0 - 4
Singapore Vikings FC
Referee - Jonathan // Assistans - N/A & N/A
1TM Latini FC



Young Guns Outgunned

1TM Latini fielded a very young team with several 17 and 18 year olds deserving their chance to start. Tally trusting in our Youth Development Squad and conveyor belt of talent. A very close first half was separated by a solitary Vikings goal midway through the first half after Latini played themselves in to trouble and got caught in possession. Vikings thought they had scored a 2nd but the referee disallowed for offside, which was missed by the linesman and this was to continue as a theme in the 2nd half. HT 1-0. On 55 minutes Lego advanced in to the area and was held back by his shirt, the ref stopped the game consulted the linesman who did not see the incident so no penalty was awarded. From a similar incident minutes later Vikings were correctly awarded a penalty after Captain Eyebrows was adjudged to shirt pull the Vikings striker. The other striker scored and Vikings went 2 nil up. The referee empathised with our frustration and our wish for consistency with key decisions. Captain Eyebrows missed a glorious chance to pull a goal back after a delicious cross from young Patrick, heading over from close range. Vikings sealed the points in the last 10 minutes with two well taken goals to make the score line flattering but congrats to Vikings who deserved the win. Thanks to Nick and Lynne for coming down to support


Yellow Cards
  • Andreas Hoffmann
  • Ales Melechovsky
  • Tjalfe Paulsen
Double Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Ales Melechovsky
  • Ales Melechovsky
  • Leslie Andersen
  • Lasse Hansen
Man Of the Match
  • Pete O'Brien
  • Ales Melechovsky
Man Of the Match (opponent)
  • -
  • Dan Cooper
Singapore Vikings FC


Vikings on track

A fairly uninteresting game looking at the table was in the pipelines for this 1500hrs clash between Latini league number 4 and Vikings number 6. Vikings had been struggeling getting 11 guys together but with a bit of help from Rene on goal, new guy Lasse H and Rafa we managed to put together at 13 man squad with a good starting lineup. Game started with Latini as always putting high pressure on Vikings half but Vikings managed to play themselves out of the pressure most times leaving good space for vingers and strikers. 1st goal came after a such situation with Elbo receiving ball from Rene on goal close to own goal line. A rather poor clearance luckily found Meli who took on Guardiola with success and outran Latini defence and neatly put it in behind Hulk in Latini goal. Latini looked dangerous mainly on set pieces throughout the match and with a few long shots with in particular a tricky from distance in 1st half being dangerous but Rene on goal got his fingertips on it and as such kept the Vikings lead. We had a few big chances with Leslie being one on one with Latini goalie but failed miserable. Meli had a goal disallowed by ref who saw an offside that Lino certainly didn’t agree on. A bit weird call by headref who was in no posision to overrule Lino in this case. Through the game the refs opinion about Meli began to shine through and developed into some sort of witchhunt but so be it. Darren (Latini captain) felt the same in the other end so maybe let’s just agree it was not the refs best game both ways. 2nd half had more Vikings possession on the agenda and after neat play between Meli and Leslie, the later was awarded a clear penalty which the Prior converted. This gave Vikings a bit more breathing space and 3-0 came after a nice ball on left side that Leslie nicely chipped over the keeper. Lasse scored the 4th goal from some 25 mtrs which left the keeper with no chance. Ended up being a decent day in the office for Vikings. Thanks to refs for coming out and big thanks to Latini for a fair game played in good spirit. Biggest thanks goes out to the young guns (Lasse and Eskild playing this game, but thanks to all of you for your great commitment and support from sideline when not playing – and beers postgame) We wish u all the best in your future endeavours and you are always welcome to visit us again. In particular for Vikings cup in Hua Hin.