Match Review: Olympique Gaulois Singapore vs Hotspurs FC

09-Feb-2018 21:00

League // Turf City 1
Olympique Gaulois Singapore
3 - 1
Hotspurs FC
Referee - Robert Hunt // Assistans - N/A & N/A
Olympique Gaulois Singapore


This time we started the game at 0-0 instead of 3-0

An enjoyable evening at Turf city with a important 3-1 win over Hotspurs. After a disappointed first leg, everyone was eager to show something else and grab the 3pts. First half was relatively even, though OG had most of the control of the ball and a few more chances. We opened the scoreline after 25min thanks to a wonder low kick from 20m into the bottom corner. Iss had all the time he needed to control the ball after a great run from Hugo to then do a clinical finish. Hotspurs got back into the game 5 min later with a little help from Lio. A good ball over our defense so the striker control the ball into the left, got into the box, cross his shoot, which ultimately got deflected enough by Lio to take Chris off balance. 1-1 HT despite some notably great strike, especially the one from Nordine on a CORNER KICK. Spirit was high during the break as we knew we will be able to step up in 2nd half to pressure Hotspurs even more. We did well to do so and really limited them to a few counter attacks during the next 45min. OG had most of the ball, and played high on the pitch, and scored first from Nordine with a little help of the defender who deflected Hugros's pass right into Nono's feet. He only had to beat the running keeper from the penalty spot which he made no mistake to do. With 10min to go Hugo decided to kill the game with a nice solo run into the box after some good work on the right wing. In the meantime, Remi and Nordine were running on the left wing hoping for Hugo to cross. They received a call on Sunday night telling them to stop running as this will not happen this week end. Overall a great and most importantly spirited performance from OG. Next game against SCC. Nothing to lose. MOM OG: Could have been people. Francois and Bastos at the back were impressive, Nono's party bus pitch deserved more than a MOM, and I feel like at one point we will need to give him one. But today the award goes to Toudi who might have just won his position as def mid for the rest of the season. Coach Simon was impressed. MOM Hotspurs: Their strong young midfielder for a solid performance holding the ball.


Yellow Cards
Double Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Iliass Tamime
  • Hugo Tauler
  • Nordine Talhi
  • Nick Kouvaritakis
  • Hugo Tauler
  • Prasoon Babu
  • Joe Quinn
Man Of the Match
  • Ntoudi Mouyelo-Katoula
  • Martyn U'ren
Man Of the Match (opponent)
  • -
  • -
Hotspurs FC


Friday Night Woes

Another Friday night game at the weekend for Hotspurs, and although they really wanted to bounce back from a harsh defeat against the Vikings the previous week, Olympique Gaulois made it difficult for them. Despite a 50 minute period where Hotspurs played well- keeping the score at 1-1 for a large chunk of the game- they ultimately succumbed to a solid French team who finished the match particularly strongly, scoring 2 goals late on the clinch the victory. Congratulations to the French on a deserved win. A week off for CNY now, then back in action against the Germans on 24th February.