Match Review: Olympique Gaulois Singapore vs German-Swiss All Stars

10-Mar-2018 17:00

League // Turf City 1
Olympique Gaulois Singapore
0 - 3
German-Swiss All Stars
Referee - Jonathan // Assistans - N/A & N/A
Olympique Gaulois Singapore


Walk over

With 4 players in the starting 11 from the previous week end we knew a resultant today will be a miracle against a team we are cursed against. On the top of the injuries, work travels, holidays, friend in town, we had the luxury to get 2 hangovers and 1 guy who arrive at kick off time. Despite the facts, German played their game as solid as we know they are and their win suffer no contest as we were barely a sparing partner on the day. Our game fact: - min 30, we got our first shot well deflected by the keeper - min 75, poor clearance from the keeper allowing us to have our 2nd chance of the game well saved by the keeper. That is about it from our side. Week end to forget. At last France beat England in rugby.... Consolation price. Well done to GAS for 6 its taken against us this year, and 4 last year.


Yellow Cards
  • Remi Tache
  • Oussamla Labib
  • Mab Dousen
Double Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Victor Walz
  • Diyas Mailepessov
  • Lukas Winhardt
Man Of the Match
  • -
  • Quirin Regensburger
Man Of the Match (opponent)
  • Quirin Regensburger
  • Nordine Talhi
German-Swiss All Stars



Merci les Bleus!

40% of our points this seasons received with compliments from Gaulois, clearly becoming our favourite opponents and we wish we could play them more often, but I guess this will remain a one-sided love affair. Jokes aside, we know that OG is one of the most skilful sides in the league and they seem to be able to get points of everyone, but for some reason they do not seem to perform against us. With two last minute cancellations due to an unfortunate menstruation cycle and friends in town, we were left with 12 players only, however, those guys jelled like Ocean 12 and it felt like they just came back from 6 weeks at Campo Bahia. To summarise, it was one of the best team performances I can remember…slick passing, lots of movement, one fighting for the other, no open gaps in midfield due to quick shifting from back to front, and a very positive body language and attitude throughout the game. I wish we could play with that attitude all year long. Granted, OG had a clearly depleted side and surely did not look their best, but that was also due to the fact that GAS simply did not leave anything to chance and was focussed for the whole 90 minutes, even after being 1:0 up, which is the moment where we usually start to get sloppy and take the foot of the gas. From the first minute, GAS was in control, with celebrity guest and right back Lukas Hinterseer deciding to first deceive everyone with a suicidal back pass, only to sneak into the box a few minutes later and to score the first goal following a corner, what a debut and great game overall! We kept pushing and should have converted a few more, but it remained 1:0 at half time and all to play for. Coaches decided that we should not sit back but push for the second, and so we did, in style. Wolf Basti practiced his twister signature move on the OG defender, only to release an inch perfect pass to GI Dee, who smashed it in from close angle and range…a beautifully crafted goal and spirits were high. Needless to say, les Bleus seemed to run out of ideas and motivation, mainly trying to create some magic through their attacking midfield triangle, but no real scoring opportunity was created and Tommy had a relatively easy afternoon. Clearly, they missed some of their regular wingers. After 50mins or so, Kingsley Arnaud came on and created lots of havoc on the wing with his speed and determination. He eventually sliced open the French defence with a pass as sweet as a chocolate eclair and hungry Victor came to finish it off in greedy fashion. GAS could and should have added 1 or 2 more and was denied further by some dubious offside and (lack of) penalty decisions but no one really cared in the end. MOM is a tough one as the whole team deserved it for this performance. Dee was fighting like a soldier upfront, Quirin never stopped running and seems to be back at his (career) peak, Jan and Basti mastered the midfield in style, the wingers Victor and Arnaud were a constant threat and the defence seemed untroubled. However, Quirin just edged it thanks to his fighting spirit and the fact that most attacks were launched along his side. MOM for OG to the captain (Nordine?)…when he left, the OG midfield clearly lost creativity. Thanks Gaulois for a game played in the right spirit and for a relatively abuse-free afternoon, from both sides :)