Match Review: Gaelic Lions FC vs Singapore Vikings FC

20-Aug-2016 15:00

League // Turf City 1
Gaelic Lions FC
1 - 2
Singapore Vikings FC
Referee - Irwan // Assistans - N/A & N/A
Gaelic Lions FC


No brown bag this time but no points either

A poor start to the season by the Lions and the Vikings indian sign over us continues. We started well with Macca controlling the tempo of the game and we had some good pressure resulting in a goal from Mescall where he battered one home from close range. At this point was well deserved. Vikings did not give up though and continued to play neat passing in and around the midfield with Domino being the metronome as usual. Vikings equalised with a swift counter attack and managed to get right up the pitch with four excellent passes which ended up on the right wing before the ball was swept across for a neat finish at the near post. A really good goal and 1-1. The second half was much the same, pressure again from the Lions but a lack of cutting edge saw us miss some chances and lo and behold we were punished, as you normally are in this league, when the Vikings were awarded a penalty which was stuck away nicely low to Ander's left. The decision to not give a goal-kick 10 seconds beforehand when the ball was clearly a yard over the touchline before it was brought back in was a chronic error by the ref but these things even themselves out over the season don't they? Hello? Helloooo? The game petered out and the Vikings held on to win 2-1 and richly deserved their growlers afterwards! Well done to Lars and the lads for a gutsy performance, with no little quality. Lions need to improve, individual errors, missed chances and giving the ball away too often meant we never had the control we should have. Next up the champs. MOM - Lions: Stevie / Vikings: Domino


Yellow Cards
  • John Mescall
  • Lucas Johnson
  • Alexander From
Double Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • John Mescall
  • Brian Spietkitz
  • Thomas Sorensen
  • Thomas Sorensen
Man Of the Match
  • Stephen Moran
  • Jonas Larsen
Man Of the Match (opponent)
  • Thomas Domino Andersen
  • Sam Balls
Singapore Vikings FC


The Scorch Trials - Viking Version

With the weather turned on at 32 degrees and a humidity hitting 85% with little, to no wind, it was clear from the start that the match between the Vikings and the Lions would be determined by spirit and strong will. Both teams came out of their starting stalls with full power, and the first part of first half was a back-and-forth game with equal opportunities at both ends. Halfway into the first half however, the Gaelic’s got a corner that was easily executed into a goal with a well hit first timer by John Mescall that had been provided with a little too much space by the white shirted northmen. In the following minutes the Vikings amped up their play to produce one of their well-known equalizers, and it didn’t take long before a power play on the right wing resulted in a beautiful pass from Tommy Sørensen to the near post, where the king of first-touches, Brian Spietkitz, securely sent the ball to caress the back of the net. From here the brutal fight continued, not only for the teams in between them, but against the blazing sun as well. With a lot of long passes on the wings, and battles on the central midfield with both teams coming out as equals, this match was still fully open. In the 65th minute Thomas Domino with his extravagant dribbling got sacked from behind in the penalty box, which the referee who was standing just a few meters away, firmly blew a penalty kick for. There is not many, or any, players in the CosmoLeague you would put in front of Tommy Sørensen when it comes to a penalty kick, and as reliable as a Volvo, the yellow-booted creator made it 2-1 for the Vikings. From there the game continued just as intense for the last 25 minutes, with some good chances, and a 100%’er that Leslie “Lightning” Andersen decided to put in the bank for a more suiting time and place, as well as a Viking goal that the linesman called an Offside on. At the final whistle, the scoreboard showed 2-1 to the Vikings, after a football game that saw two well-matched teams. Thanks to the Lions for a fair played game and the refs for a good game.