Match Review: SCC Firsts vs Olympique Gaulois Singapore

09-Sep-2017 17:00

League // CENTAURS
SCC Firsts
4 - 1
Olympique Gaulois Singapore
Referee - Ruslee // Assistans - N/A & N/A
SCC Firsts


Solid performance from SCC...

A good team performance from SCC who played some good football against the Cosmoleague leaders... SCC managed to open the score before half time thanks to a great strike from Jack, allowing the team to be in front at half-time 1-0. Despite being threatened a few times during the second half, SCC kept its composure and managed to score another goal shortly after the break: 2-0. Olympique Gaulois narrowed SCC lead by scoring a good header from a good cross over SCC centre-backs heads, 2-1 SCC. A good combination from the left wing of the pitch saw Jahan being in great position in front of the goal and managed to find the back of the net with a lovely lob over the keeper - 3-1 SCC. Last goal of the game was scored from a good follow in from young Marcus after French GK stopped the penalty kick from Anthony "I'm not on pen's anymore" Garreau - 4-1 SCC. Next fixture against the Germans on Saturday 16th.


Yellow Cards
  • Kike Perconig
  • Jahan Rezai
  • Igor Alves
  • Anthony Garreau
  • Sam Balls
  • Iliass Tamime
  • Remi Blechschmidt
Double Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Jack Cullinane
  • Jahan Rezai
  • Aleksandar Duric
  • Marcus Nagle
  • Hamza Ben Naceur Gharfane
  • Robert Eziakor
Man Of the Match
  • Jack Cullinane
  • Robert Eziakor
Man Of the Match (opponent)
  • Robert Eziakor
  • Owen Monaghan
Olympique Gaulois Singapore


Solid for 70min only

Difficult afternoon for OG who had to compose with many injuries plus a difficult night event that saw some of us have a sleepless night. Despite the events we were up for the challenge and really though we could get something out of this game for about 70min. Then we struggled to find anything left in the tank and sinked. We had the first chances very early in the game and missed a few 1vs1. Then after 10min SCC found its peace back and started to dominate the game. They broke the look thanks to their right back to curved a shoot just bellow to cross bar to lob Keion. Rest of the half was quite even. Both team had clear chances to either equalized or stretch the lead. Second half was kinda the same story. SCC double the scoreline thanks a a free kick quickly played. We equalized a few minutes later thanks to a great cross from Rob to find Hamza in between 2 defenders to make it 2-1. OG had clear chances to equalized and missed a big one via Remi, but shortly after SCC score the killer one. 3-1. The last 15min were a bit though for OG who ran a lot and SCC bench made the difference (Tim, Duric and a few more). 4-1 was the final result. A disappointed afternoon as we really think we gave a good fight on the field, but at the end to beat SCC you need to have a full squad in full shape. So it was not meant to happen. However we saw some good football and do not have to blush of our game. MOM Rob for a superb performance and fight all along the game. MOM Owen as the bench made the difference today. And it is probably the only one he will get this season :)