Match Review: German All Stars vs TGA Rangers FC

26-Aug-2017 15:00

League // Turf City 1
German All Stars
3 - 4
TGA Rangers FC
Referee - Alex // Assistans - N/A & N/A
German All Stars


Last minute K.O.

Kick off and with the whistle the fastest goal in Cosmo history was scored after just 11 seconds. Sleepy GAS got simply overrun with a Long ball. Shaking off the shock the equalizer has been made by Micha through a mistake in the defense of the Rangers. Sloppy behavior of the GAS defense brought the lead for Rangers after 20min. It came even worse with a mistake by Basti as he couldn't clear the ball as he was blended by the sun and the Striker took the chance to score. Thomas showed individual class in a 1 on 1 situation and marked the second goal for GAS and enlightened the hope of the team. Half time speech by being 3:2 behind was not the easiest basement for motivation, but the fighting spirit recovered in the second half. Dee the donkey rider from Kazakhstan came on the pitch and marked through a Viktor assist the Equalizer with a great volley. Power, skills and motivation was now with the GAS team and even with 2 hits on the crossbar, the deserved lead didn't come. As shitty Football can be with the last minutes an obviously not dangerous loop went in the Box of GAS and as everybody including our keeper looked very confused as it just fell in the net without any touch. Heads were done and power switch was turned off after this unpredictable turn of the game. GAS deserved to win, but couldn't use the chances which forces the team to win the next game to keep the pace with the TOP teams of the league. The rule of Football that not always the best team wins forced GAS on the knees, but this means heads up and take the chance to win in the next game


Yellow Cards
  • James Beatt
  • Danny Dean
Double Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Michael Klemm
  • Thomas Suess
  • Diyas Mailepessov
  • Jordan Laing
  • Fraser Anderson
  • Nathan Bryer
  • Stephen McLaughlin
  • Victor Walz
  • Bastian Keller
  • Fraser Anderson
  • Hiromitsu Nakaue
Man Of the Match
  • Thomas Suess
  • Fraser Anderson
Man Of the Match (opponent)
  • Nathan Bryer
  • -
TGA Rangers FC


Letter of Application

Dear To Whom It May Concern, I would like to apply for the position as Manager of TGA Rangers FC, currently plying their trade in the Singapore Cosmo. My reasons, I am still to establish, but my qualities are as follows: • Passionate • Exciting • Intense • Fiery • Wild • Emotional • Uncontrollable • Hot-blooded (On & Off the pitch) • Other words that are alternative to passionate can be added to this list – you get the idea Anyways, with the job application in progress, it came down to business. Ze Germans. I was watching the game and I was never really that drawn to what was going on – I was still google searching alternatives to “Passionate”. This brings me to the other point – Oliver Wright. It came to light he wasn’t playing, I soon realized I was applying for a job he left behind. With that, I got on the blower to Oli. “Oli lad, it’s me”. “Who’s this?” “It’s me lad” “Tally?” “No, it’s me…. Oli Oli Oli….. “ “………” “It’s the midfield dynamo”, “the man with a plan”…. “two out of two against SCC”… “23 games in championship year and two MOMs”… “dropped in favor of yourself to give you a swansong in the run-in for when we won the league” “ahhhhh….. is that you Matteo?” “Flips sake Oli, it’s me, Stevie”. I soon realized that by the time we got through the intro, he was back to look after the kids. I was none the wiser. How would this job application take place. I questioned myself, so back to google I went. “Alternatives to Oli Wright”. • Persistent bad smell • Cheese • Dreadful • Squeals • Banter-less This was not helping, I knew I couldn’t go with this. At this point I knew, there is no point in doing this application. But I then realized something else. It was 3-3 for Rangers vs Ze Germans. With that, I put on my Pogbas – all those playing against me – they all know how much Pogba looks out of place wearing these red-boots now that they are part of my attire. Actually planning to auction them off next week. With the Pogba’s on, I called on Nate – interim Manager – to get me on for the last 15 mins. Guess what – yes, 4-3. With a lung bursting run, I made my way into the 6 yard box as a throw-in made its way across. Young Fras Anderson knocked on a Sutton-esque knock down, to which I realized was not quite good enough for a volley. There was no time. The only time available was to produce a moment that would of made the bold Henrik Larsson proud. The touch, it was unbelievable. The time, it was sensational. The power, inch-perfect – which Oli knows too well, he claims there is a lot that can be said about being inch perfect. The ball hit the net, Ze Germans were broken. From CV Job Application to Goal Scoring maestro, I came, I conquered and decided I will be back again in 2 weeks with another review of this current shambles that is TGA Rangers. God Bless. Stevie