Match Review: Singapore Vikings FC vs 1TM Latini FC

05-May-2017 21:00

Plate Semi // Turf City 1
Singapore Vikings FC
2 - 0
1TM Latini FC
Referee - Robert Hunt // Assistans - Andrew Kee & Nirwan
Singapore Vikings FC



Plate Semi - YEAH

Struggling to get 14 men due to illness and injuries. We still manage to get a very strong starting 11. First start for the Kejser on top after watching and learning from Lord (now Kejser) Bendtner. We played very organized and kept Latini from any big chances. 1-0 came on a set pieces, not exactly as planned, but hey 1-0 after a good finish from Captain Fantastic, Domino. Halfway through 1st half we lost a bit of the organization, but still managed to keep Latini away from any big chances. After a good pep talk from Coach Østergaard(on the team sheet once again) we came in to second half with focus on the organization. Kejser and hos fellow strikers created some good chances that deserved some better finishes! 2-0 came after yet another set piece! A shot from outside the box ended up at Lasse feet and without doubt he put it in the box. That means 2 goals from Hestene fra Randers. After that it was pretty much settled. Latini had a few good shot at Bart, but he didn't have any problems clearing them. Thanks to Latini for a fair game(except for the knockout on me, no chance for the ball) thanks to the refs for a good game.


Yellow Cards
  • Andreas Hoffmann
  • Tomas Dubsky
  • Khaled Khyruddin
  • Lee Bradshaw
  • Lewis Wood
Double Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Lasse Lund
  • Thomas Domino Andersen
Man Of the Match
  • Tomas Dubsky
  • Tom Beattie
Man Of the Match (opponent)
  • Tom Beattie
  • Tomas Dubsky
1TM Latini FC


Plate hopes smashed in FNL battle

Latini fell at the penultimate hurdle in their quest to secure another prestigious Cosmo Plate Crown in a well fought contest at the Turf City P1. With a few regulars away it was great that Erez and Volleyball could step in and bolster the squad – big thanks to them. Just as well really as we lost Duplo early on due to a mystery injury. After dominating possession for the majority of the game we succumbed to a 2-0 loss after conceding 2 goals from ‘straight from the training ground’ set pieces. It was great imagination from the Vikings but both goals were indeed very poor from a Latini perspective. Vikings deserved the win as they stuck to their game plan of shutting up shop and limiting Latini chances, whilst countering with pace. Very good football played in patches by Latini but not consistently enough to hurt Vikings and a cutting edge was missing too in the last third of the pitch. Best of luck to Vikings in the final. Last game of the season this Saturday against the champions Rangers. Onwards and upwards for Latini who will look to put a disappointing season behind them. With POB’s new TuesdayNightLights (TNL) training regime starting already, the sky is the limit. Man of Matches Vikings - Tomas Dubusky (No.9) Latini - Tom Beattie Big thanks to Big Bazza / Sarah for coming down to support – much appreciated Kit: - Woody Wildebeest