Match Review: TGA Rangers FC vs Olympique Gaulois Singapore

18-Mar-2017 17:00

League // Turf City 1
TGA Rangers FC
1 - 2
Olympique Gaulois Singapore
Referee - Alex // Assistans - N/A & N/A
TGA Rangers FC



Another game against our old foes OG. Few key lads missing but our starting line up was still decent and could easily get a positive result to keep the run going. The game started fairly evenly with both teams trying to get hold of the ball and play it around, OG playing slightly better than Rangers at this stage. No real chances in the first half so ended 0-0. The game started to open up in the second half with both teams looking for the breakthrough that would give them control. After about 65mins the tricky OG winger, who moved more central, found himself in space on the edge of the box and finished well into the roof of the net vie the crossbar. Rangers needed a reaction and Hirosan provided it with a dreamy 25 yard strike out of the keepers reach. 1-1 moving into the final few minutes. With both teams pushing for the win Rangers had an attack, the ball being crossed twice and just evading the players to be cleared and the ball went straight up the other end for the striker to full stretch at a cross that slid past our canadian giant. Absolutely gutting. FT 2-1 to OG. Didn't think either team really deserved to win but fair play to OG for applying the sucker punch at the end, MOM for OG was the tricky winger. MOM for Rangers was Umar making his full debut at CB.


Yellow Cards
  • Mab Dousen
  • Philippe Guerrand
Double Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Hiromitsu Nakaue
  • Antoine Lemarié
  • Hugo Tauler
  • Paddy Sutton
  • Andy Dyne
  • Samuel Heraud
Man Of the Match
  • Umar Ngalim
  • Antoine Lemarié
Man Of the Match (opponent)
  • Antoine Lemarié
  • Hiromitsu Nakaue
Olympique Gaulois Singapore


Last minute win

Good game at Turf city. A even game in terms of possession but OG created more chances today. Game started very well with Max S and Sam shooting almost over the net behind the goal. But slowly we settled in the game and manage to create a few oportunities. We were overall more aggressive but just misused the wingers in first half, which we improved in the second. The re positioning of Antoine later in the middled of the park improved our pace and we started to break their lines a bit more often. First goal came after 70 min with a sloppy ball poorly cleared that came back to Antoine who made no mistake to beat the keeper from close range. We though that was the winner goal until Hiro-san decided otherwise and released a massive strike from 20m into the opposite side post that our keeper could only touch a little. 1-1. Both team tried to push to claim the winner and for once it came our way, with a good passing in midfield that found Andy, who release a cheeky ball in between 2 defender to find hugo who was a bit too short and decided to tackle the ball while running into the direction of the goal. The keeper got surprise and did not move while the ball slowly rolled into the back of the net. 2-1 and a massive celebration from coach Simon who ran into the pitch to hug Hugo. Later that night was another story that most would probably like to forget (if they can remember at the fist place). MOM OG: Antoine. He finally got it after a series of great performances, he deserved this one for today and his pasts performances. MOM Rangers: Hiro-san who become Hiran-sensei today thanks to his goal.