Match Review: TGA Rangers FC vs Hibernians FC

20-May-2017 17:00

League // PSA Club
TGA Rangers FC
3 - 1
Hibernians FC
Referee - N/A // Assistans - N/A & N/A
TGA Rangers FC


Started really well against Hibs and were 3-0 up after 30 mins with Jacko getting a brace and Nate adding the other. Couple of changes at half time stunted the momentum and Hibs got an OG when Dom couldn't work out which leg he should use. Final score 3-1 and two more games to go....


Yellow Cards
  • Nick Edwards
Double Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Nathan Bryer
  • Elliot Jackson
  • Elliot Jackson
  • Opp Own Goal
  • Thorin Duffin
Man Of the Match
  • Elliot Jackson
  • Thorin Duffin
Man Of the Match (opponent)
  • -
  • Paddy Sutton
Hibernians FC



Squeaky bum time

We put this game to rest with some fairly horrible stuff in the first 20 minutes. The better performance in the second half at least meant we didn't end the season on a complete downer though. Buffy struggling to see the team sheet he was writing on and to remember the names of people he's known for quite a while now was a highlight of the day. He hadn't slept since Thursday night but still powered on to 3am. Looking to forward to having his stamina back on the pitch for a game or two next season. Rupert was equally heroic, overcoming the shits to relieve Ryan in the second half. MoM for us was Thorin for the skimpy little hot pants and because he was also pretty good. Still couldn't score in a sauna but he forced their own goal. MoM for Rangers was Paddy. Nick would like to apologise again for the elbow. He still maintains it was an accident but it's pretty suspicious that he mangled the face of the only player on the pitch more handsome than himself. A fond farewell to Alex, who developed into a monster of a goalkeeper over the course of the season. Hopefully we'll see him back at some point.