Match Review: Hotspurs FC vs Gaelic Lions FC

16-Nov-2016 21:00

Cup Last 16 // Turf City 1
Hotspurs FC
2 - 4
Gaelic Lions FC
Referee - Segar // Assistans - Shah & Ong


Yellow Cards
  • Martin Lawrence
  • Sam Balls
  • Kike Perconig
Double Yellow Cards
Red Cards
  • Lionel Kong
  • Thomas Greene
  • Kike Perconig
  • Sam Balls
  • Conor McHugh
  • Opp Own Goal
  • Martin Lawrence
  • Nick Kouvaritakis
  • Brian O'Reilly
  • Stephen Moran
  • Anders Jensen
Man Of the Match
  • Martin Lawrence
  • Rob Church
Man Of the Match (opponent)
  • -
  • -
Gaelic Lions FC


A Cosmoleague intervention

Now, let’s start by saying that this comes from a position of only love. My heart is overflowing with affection for these people and it is why we have to make a stand, as a league, to help and protect our loved ones who have a problem. What is it I am talking about? What you are ALL TALKING ABOUT but won’t make the necessary steps required to get us out of this situation. So I will say it. Here goes. The British Hotspurs LOVE A BOOZE. Yes, they do. They love a booze, they are drinkers. They drink. A LOT. But what happended on Wednesday night in the cup cannot happen again and I will not allow it. Now we at the Gaelic Lions enjoy a social beverage on a Saturday evening. Who doesn’t? But a Wednesday?! The first thing I noticed was the waft of cheap gin meandering it’s way down to where the Lions were warming up. I turned around expecting to see a bunch of local types, hobos as it were but no, it was the British Hotspurs. Rolling around the floor, fighting with each other. Shouting, incoherently at their only sober player, their goalie (who can play with the ball at his feet, very trendy!). They were throwing wild tackles around to beat the band, one on poor oul Ballsy was particularly bad! At times like this it is important to remember that there was a football match going on at the same time. The Lions went 2-0 before two quickfire goals from our pished-up brothers levelled the proceedings five minutes into the second half. The first was a peach, eh Anders?! Hah! CLASSIC! Fortunately order was restored when the Lions scored two more late on to win 4-2. As I crunched through the rolling bottles and empty cans while shaking hands with Hotspurs it became apparent why we had eeked out the victory. It is a dreadful shame that it has come to this but we need to stand strong as a league and ensure that everybody knows what it happening. It is happening before our very eyes and we need to be there for them. So here is the intervention. Hotspurs, you are alcoholics. Admission is the first step. #onlylove