Rangers are worthy Champions

May 24 2019 by Admin

Rangers F.C are the Champions of the Cosmo League 2018/19 after a superb campaign and deserve the title after playing some excellent football all season.  Mike Sharples was the star man with the goals and JC a pillar at the back and i salute all their players and wish them the very best. ...
Team P GD Pts
Aioli Monkeys FC000
Gaelic Lions FC000
German-Swiss All Stars000
Hibernians FC000
Hotspurs FC000
1TM Latini FC000
FC Nippon 000
Olympique Gaulois Singapore000
Singapore Vikings FC000
TGA Rangers FC000
Singapore Football Club000
Name Goals

February 21 2019

Two thirds down

November 23 2018

TGA Rangers close the gap

November 14 2018

SCC extend their lead